Raising Dogs With Common Sense

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My book applies to ALL DOG BREEDS, and will help ALL dog owners!

My goal is to help YOU save time, money and energy while raising a healthy, happy, low-maintenance dog.


Ch 1:  Adoption Options

Ch 2:  Socialization

Ch 3:  First Purchases

Ch 4:  Nutrition: Most Important Chapter, in my opinion!

Ch 5:  Chewing and Biting

Ch 6:  Selecting Your Veterinarian

Ch 7:  Immunizations / General Health Care

Ch 8:  Exposure to Public Places

Ch 9:  Sick Dog:

2nd most important chapter!  Learn from my 20+ years’ experience.

Ch 10:  Travel

Ch 11:  Training: Basic hand and voice commands

Ch 12:  Housetraining: Tried & true methods

Ch 13:  Bathing Strategies: Save tons of time & energy

Ch 14:  House Sitter vs. Kennel Boarding

Ch 15:  The Hold-Up and “Thank You”

Help in the most difficult of times you will experience as a dog owner

Whether you already own a dog or you are contemplating adoption, my book (especially Chapters 4 & 9) will be well worth your time to read.  I share all of my lessons-learned-the-hard-way from the 20+ years I raised dogs, from birthday to the day we must say goodbye to our canine kids.


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