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DOG BLUFF DIAMONDS is our kennel name, in honor of our past programs. Thinking we were ready to retire back in 2011-2012, Sherry (my sister-friend) retired DIAMOND VALLEY BULLDOGS in 2011, but has continued to own Boxers and Valleys. I raised my last litter of DOG BLUFF BULLDOGGES in 2012, thinking I was done, but I've missed it terribly! Sherry and I each have over 20 years' experience; we "rock" at raising QUALITY, low-maintenance dogs.
Sherry's program is primarily Valley Bulldog, and she may have Boxer pups now & then. I'm a little slower to get my program off the ground; but Lord Willing, I hope to raise Olde English Bulldogges once again! I will update this page with puppy news as we go...

Valley Bulldog PUPPIES due any day!
Ragnar (English Bulldog) & Jewels (Boxer)

STAY TUNED to this page - we have a litter of Valley Bulldogs on the way! "Jewels" is very close to birthing a sweet bundle of beautiful, long-awaited puppies.

The Valley Bulldog is a hybrid breed registered by IOEBA, the combination of the English Bulldog and Boxer. While Valleys are super-smart and housetrain easily, they are very athletic and love playing outside! Their strongest traits include excellent muscle tone, wide chest, bully head piece, enough "leg" to be athletic and just enough facial wrinkles to be adorable. Bonus: they have enough muzzle length to breathe freely! You get the best of both worlds in a Valley Bulldog. Call Sherry 843-496-5152 or Angela 843-340-5818 to reserve your puppy.

Mamma "JEWELS" is owned by Sherry, my sister-friend and partner in all things dog-related. We are thrilled to bring Valley Bulldogs back to the Southeast - and we'll gladly connect you with our trusted transporters if you're long-distance. Jewels (Boxer) and Ragnar (English Bulldog) will produce some beefy, beautiful pups - we can hardly wait!

"ODIS" (Valley Bulldog) is the star of my book!
Odis was 1/2 English Bulldog, 1/2 Boxer, the perfect combination. He was about 9yrs old in this pic

ODIS was my first Valley Bulldog, and is also the star of my book, "Raising Dogs With Common Sense." Odis was 1/2 Boxer, 1/2 English Bulldog.

Sherry's Valley pups will have the "Odis" look fully grown. They will be registered with IOEBA.

Mamma JEWELS is a Boxer, dual-registered with AKC and IOEBA.

Sire RAGNAR (owned by friends) is an English Bulldog, dual-registered with AKC and IOEBA.


If you're looking for an older pup or even an adult dog, I usually know of a perfect candidate in need of a forever home. Most are already doggie-door housetrained, spayed/neutered and current on vaccines... low-maintenance and ready to love!

Angela Thompson Roberts, Author
Phone: 843-340-5818
Email: clifang@sccoast.net