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DBD's Bulldogs
Olde English Bulldogges, Registered IOEBA
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"DOG BLUFF DIAMONDS" is named in honor of previous bulldog programs owned by Sherry & Angela. We are sister-friends with the same ideals/views regarding our dogs.

Collectively we bring 40+ years of experience, helping YOU to raise a healthy, low-maintenance bulldog. We are available to our clients for the LIFETIME of our dogs, offering guidance along the journey.

"Odis" (Valley Bulldog) is the star of my book!
Sherry raises Valley Bulldogs and English Bulldogs

ODIS was my first Bulldog and inspired me to establish my bulldog program. I began with the Valley Bulldog breed but was eventually drawn to Olde English Bulldogges.

I'm excited about rebuilding my Oldie program! My pups will be registered with IOEBA, UCA and possibly other reputable clubs.
Dog Bluff Bulldogges' FIRST Olde English litter
Looking forward to posting pics like this one by year 2022!
Dog Bluff Bulldogges' LAST Olde English litter
... but MORE TO COME, Lord willing!

I hope by year 2022 to have Olde English Bulldogge puppies for adoption; your prayers are appreciated as I rebuild my program. I'm keeping it small-scale.

If you're looking for an older pup or even an adult dog, I usually know of a perfect candidate in need of a forever home. Most are already doggie-door housetrained, spayed/neutered and current on vaccines... low-maintenance and ready to love!

Ground/Van and Flight/Same-Day options

MaryAnn &

I have known and loved MaryAnn Janes since year 2000. She literally lives for the good of dogs, makes it her career, and loves them to the point of sleeping in her van when hotels will not allow her to take crated puppies for the night. MaryAnn keeps her van CLEAN, with scheduled walk-&-feed stops, and passengers have water at all times. She requires a veterinarian's health certificate on a puppies/dogs so that YOUR dog is traveling safely. MaryAnn returns calls when she is done for the day or on a break-from driving: 740-236-0578. She has a few other drivers in order to get your dog to you as quickly as possible.

Robert Miranda, Puppy Flight Transporter
FLIGHT TRANSPORT by Robert Miranda: Your pup flies in the Passenger cabin and is normally home same-day. Robert is our trusted friend and we've never called on anyone else to fly our puppies. Robert exceeded breeder-to-client expectations from the beginning. His top priority is the safety and well-being of your puppy, who never leaves Robert's sight. Robert is the ONLY person allowed touch your pup until you're holding your new baby bulldog!

Due to space and weight limits, FLIGHT TRANSPORT MUST BE ARRANGED WELL IN ADVANCE. Be sure Robert knows what program you are adopting from, as he only transports for certain breeders.

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