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CAREN GITTLEMAN (author & creator of "Dakota's Den") posted a review on my book.  Please take time to cruise through her site, as she is one of the top animal advocates that I'm blessed to know in this world:
Caren is one of the few folks I can refer dog AND cat owners to for questions/advice!

Our grandson, "Mason" loving on "Ziva"

I offer my sincere thanks to my readers.  I'm humbled and honored to present this page of testimonials from folks who are willing to share words of kindness.  Some references come from folks who adopted from my now-retired program. Others are from dog owners of various breeds. ALL are people who have saved money and worry from reading my book, and I am proud to call them my friends!


Angela’s book offers guidance with compassion.  She understands that raising a dog will be a challenging, exciting, sometimes frustrating, rewarding, joyful, and overall great journey.  This book will help EVERY dog, every dog-owner family, every step of the way!  I am honored to be her friend.  Angela is incredibly passionate about her canine kids.  Even though she retired her breeding program, she still works with folks to help re-home pets now and then, and works tirelessly to make sure they find loving, forever homes.  I have raised several dogs over the years, and have plenty of experience raising dogs.  But Angela is still able to provide advice on the care and health of dogs that has helped me on several occasions.  She has many helpful tips that I have used to raise healthy and happy dogs.  Mike of Groton, CT


I’ve known Angela for a long time.  She has been there for me through my entire breeding program career, never afraid to jump in with both hands and feet.  Angela retired HER program a few years after I retired.  (A successful breeding program is a lot of stress on the body!)  Over the years I’ve witnessed the time, energy, and emotion that Angela put into raising every puppy born at Dog Bluff.  There is no way to put a price on her work.  Angela went out of her way to keep all of her clients happy, and she is STILL there for them, even though her dogs are grown and getting old by now.  I was never surprised when a family wanted to adopt a second or even a third dog from Angela.  Sherry (Marion, SC) stroud.sherry@gmail.com


There is no greater dog expert than my dear friend and neighbor, Angela Roberts.  This avid dog lover races out of a warm bed and throws on a winter coat and flip flops (when time doesn't permit finding real shoes), to race to my aid when I've had a dog crisis... more than once!  Her book is the greatest resource, as it comes from someone who takes the well-being of all dogs as her mission.  Written from the heart of someone who has decades of experience with multiple breeds, this book is a necessity for any dog owner!
Beth (Galivants Ferry, SC)
Beth owns a Lab, "Jigger" and a Beagle, "Ace"

Reader's Digest Photo Contest FINALIST!!!
LuLu, Sassy & MaryJane

     As the proud “parents” to three Dog Bluffers, we can truthfully say that we never would have made it this far without the good, solid advice we received from Angela. We had long been an animal free household and had no idea how drastically our lives would change! Angela gave us multiple reality checks before she would even allow us to consider adding Sassy (she is a litter mate and we adopted her several months after the first two).  As luck would have it, everything has worked out beautifully. We were fortunate enough to have a great breeder on our side throughout this process. And, while we have not called on her too terribly much recently, in the beginning we called on her often. Angela always gave us plenty of attention and I have no doubt we tested her patience a time or two. After talking with several of Angela’s adoptive families I realize that she gave each of us her full attention and love for her dogs. To this day she still calls them her babies. That love shines through in everything she does. I have no idea what we did right to be blessed with having fate drop her in our lives at the perfect time, but I am so thankful that our paths crossed.

     Angela’s book is appropriately named, “Raising Dogs with Common Sense.” And it truly is an extensive resource that is valuable to any dog family. Keep in mind, this book was not in written format when we started our adventure; however, after reading the book I have decided that Angela must have recorded herself and written her words verbatim because the information is identical to what she told us during our many phone calls. Each chapter holds value but some sections were more helpful to our family. Chapters 3 (“First Purchases”) and 12 (“Housetraining”) were helpful in our decision to use dog crates. Our girls were immediately introduced to crate living and continue to use their crates on a daily basis. Often I find at least two of them snuggled together in one crate. And when the fireworks start during the holidays, if they aren’t on a lap, they are in their crate- by their own choice!

     Chapter 4 (“Nutrition”) gave us a necessary education. We had no idea where to even start and were so intimidated by the vast choices available. Angela helped us decide on a cost effective brand that we stuck with for several years. When she suggested making a change due to multiple recalls we did so without hesitation and went right back to the original reference material to decide. While I would not think twice about taking Angela’s advice blindly, she won’t give it without giving solid reasons on why she is making specific recommendations. Chapter 4 is so extensive and covers all you need to know!

     Chapter 9 (“Sick Dog”) is as extensive as Chapter 4 except that it covers the inevitable sick baby moments. We have been blessed with a great vet but Angela has saved us money by helping us figure out when we can treat at home or if we should take them to the Dr. On a side note, our first several visits to the vet included several minutes of the vet saying how impressed he was with the girls and that it was obvious the breeder really cared about her program.          And finally, we probably should have paid more attention to Chapter 11 (“Training”). Unfortunately we are suckers when it comes to this and we have learned the hard way that we should have disciplined with a bit more authority in the early days.

     As you can see, we have been overjoyed by our interactions with Angela from the days that she had her program to present.  Pictures of our girls are available with a public designation on Facebook specifically so that others can see how great Angela’s puppies look.

Thomas, Christina, Lulu, MaryJane and Sassy Cherro

Christina Cherro   540-355-1060, cell   cmcherro@yahoo.com


Thanks so much for signing and sending me a copy of your book.  Great job!  It is filled with hundreds of great ideas.  I could feel your LOVE for your animals on every page.  Bobbie (Woodruff, SC)


After one telephone conversation with Angela, it’s easy to see what is so infectious about her.  The passion for her work is heard loud and clear in her kind, southern voice.  I had the pleasure of meeting Angela in February, 2009, and I feel grateful to call her a friend.  Angela is an expert in many aspects of raising dogs – from training tips to nutritious meal plans to methods of saving money on home remedies.  She is by far the best of the best!  I can honestly say that I’ve pulled out Angela’s book and her telephone number on numerous occasions when our four-legged “baby” has given us concerns.  Angela’s advice on proper nutrition and picking out the right dog food is essential for the health of your dog!  When it comes to illnesses, ailments and injuries, her advice and knowledge is remarkable.  I trust her words of wisdom as much as I trust my veterinarian!  Angela, I want to thank you for all your support over the years, for your friendship, love and most of all for calling me about a little white dog (“Lucy”) that would forever change our lives.  Best of luck to you and your family!

Michelle, John, “Hank” and “Lucy” of Charlotte, NC

"Hank" is a Valley Bulldog and "Lucy" is an OEB



Buddy (Lakeland, Florida)

Talking to Angela is like reading her book – she believes in providing the best quality of life for your dog!  I adopted the first Oldie puppy that Angela raised, several years ago.  “Sunny” feels like my 4-legged child, and brings me joy every day.  Angela had already started writing chapters for her book way back then, so I was given all the tools I needed to breeze through Sunny’s puppyhood right into her adult years.  I have to agree with the author, that Chapter 4 is most important in raising a healthy dog.  Chapters 6, 7,8 & 9 will save you a bunch of emergency trips!  The entire book is full of short-cuts and secrets that every dog owner should know.  Even while Sunny is aging, I know how to provide everything she needs to be happy.  If you are a dog owner or you have friends and family with dogs, Raising Dogs With Common Sense is a necessity in the home. 



Angela, I love your book!  I can totally relate to Chapter 15 of your book.  I am going through that as I write this to you, with my 13 year-old “Queenie,” and you describe my heart in that chapter.  I would also like to share my experience with NuVet Vitamins, discussed in Chapter 4 of your book (thanks for the easy-order info there).  After spending tons of money on tests to see why Queenie had a bald spot on her back, you told me about NuVet.  With my veterinarian’s blessing, I put Queenie and all of my dogs on NuVet.  Within 6 months, Queenie’s hair had grown back and her whole coat looked great.  I swear by these vitamins – they are truly a “miracle in a jar.”  My dogs LOVE them as daily treats!  NuVet does wonders for their skin, coat and overall health.  I signed up for auto-ship so that I never run out.  Thanks for the advice! 

Connie (Goose Creek, SC)  w.ellis33@comcast.net

Note from Angela: I couldn't resist sharing this video with my viewers, of Connie on Mother's Day - her kids all have 4 legs...



We’re pleased to report that Angela’s book has helped us with our chocolate lab, “Cocoa” – especially Chapters 10 & 13.  Wherever we go, Cocoa usually goes right along with us.


Thanks to Angela’s book, we’ve learned short-cuts that save us lots of time and money!  Cocoa is like our child; we love knowing we can turn to Angela’s book for common-sense methods to give her the best life possible.


Rod and Tracy of Sylva, NC

Rudy's baby picture captured our hearts!
We met Angela when she was retiring her breeding program, and adopted "Rudy" from her last litter of Oldies. Since that time, we have kept our friendship going, and we have reaped the benefits of her book over and over again.  Our favorite chapters are 2, 4, 9 and 13, which have saved us a pile of money in just a short period of time!  Knowing how to socialize our two male dogs of different breeds was key to them getting along so well.  Angela suggested supplements that help Cody (our aging lab) with his bone/joint issues.  She also urged us to change our dogs over to grain-free nutrition, which has cleared up all skin issues!  The "Bathing Strategies" saved us tons of time, immediately.  I cannot believe how much energy we were wasting before we put Angela's methods into practice.  We are happy to give further reference upon request, at mimcondon@aol.com .
Condon Family of Charleston, SC


Angela’s entire book has helped our family!  I was lucky enough to hear a lot of information straight from the author’s mouth, as our pups were aquired during the writing of Raising Dogs with Common Sense.  We were not expecting to run across anyone or anything close to what we found in Angela or the dogs produced at Dog Bluff while Angela had her breeding program going.  Twice, we have adopted all the way from California to South Carolina; not the easiest approach, but rest assured, we have not one regret.  Angela believes in making pet adoptions the “right fit” for the entire family (Chapters 1 & 2).  It’s truly unbelievable how she so generously shares her time and knowledge with pet owners.  I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite like it – she loves what what she does and it shows in her book.  Angela has made a career of doing things right.  Even though years have passed since our pet adoptions, Angela has remained easily accessibleand immensely knowledgeable for any questions we’ve had, and I have given permission for her to connect us with folks who may inquire for further reference on Angela’s credentials on dog-related advice.  I will gift her book to all friends and family who plan to adopt a dog! 
Lori (Truckee, CA) babes@ltol.com

I own and operate a very successful Olde English Bulldogge program called Dragon Slayers, www.dskbulldogs.com .  I met Angela before she retired her breeding program.  I’m proud of Angela’s book. I encourage my clients to obtain a copy of RAISING DOGS WITH COMMON SENSE, because Angela instructs (in great detail) how to raise a healthy, hearty, happy dog from Adoption Day forward.  Angela granted me permission to use much of her website information on my “Q&A” webpage, to share great tips on various subjects, including nutrition, puppy crate set-up, choosing your veterinarian, and more.  We are good friends, even though we have never met in person.  That’s the thing about dog lovers – we respect and appreciate each other across the miles.  Mike Tucker of Point, TX

Poodle Baby - photo by Stella Smith

I am giving Angela an "A" for her book!  I recently raised a litter of poodles, and provided Raising Dogs with Common Sense to adoptive families who had never owned a dog before their poodle puppies.  These families followed Chapters 3 & 12 very closely, from crate set-up to crate/house-training.  After only 2 weeks, these puppies were already going to the door for potty breaks.  My families reported that during the day (crate door open) puppies played in their crates, took naps in there, and treated their crate like a special "home."  These  puppies do not cry at night when crated because they were trained just as Angela instructed.  Feel free to contact me for further reference. 
Stella Smith (Winston-Salem, NC)


The ZENO Family of East Orange, NJ
Left= Clyde. Right= Bonnie.
The Zeno Family adopted two adult dogs, as their family had a little too much going on to take on small puppies.  "Bonnie" was first, then "Clyde" about 2 years later.  Bonnie was a challenge at first, but she eventually settled into her role as an inside pet, and queen of the castle.  Clyde adjusted very well to his new home and his new "sister" because the Zeno's followed every applicable instruction from my book.  The Zeno's welcome your call or email for further reference!
Mark & LaShawn (East Orange, NJ)
mark.zeno@yahoo.com 201-230-4234

Matt & Amy (our cousins) adopted my first Oldie stud retiree, "Sherman."  About 3 years later, they adopted "Ruby," Sherman's granddaughter!  This family called me on any questions they had regarding the best health care for both dogs.  They are a FAMILY example of my book in practice.  I'm extremely proud of this forever home for Sherman & Ruby!  Amy welcomes your call: 270-348-1805 amygozalkowski@yahoo.com


Gail Smithgall (SC) 703-339-5931
gailsmithgall@gmail.com adopted "Blaze," a male Oldie.  Gail's family followed my advice throughout my book.  They have a very healthy, low-maintenance dog to prove that my book is "for real."  Enjoy this video of "Blaze" giving kisses, one of my favorite videos to date:


Alan Long (MO) 
Alan adopted "Tar Tar" (male Oldie pup), and did a great job training him.  A few years later, as I was closing my Oldie program, Alan's family wanted to adopt my very last retiree, "Beatrice."  Tar Tar & Bea were half-siblings, but they were adults that had no memory of each other.  Per my instructions on socializing them and with careful training methods, these two bullies were instant friends & cuddle-buddies.  Many thanks, to the Long Family, for giving Bea the forever home she deserves!


Olivia Harris harris@scacog.org adopted "Calhoun" from our first Oldie-Boxer litter.  Olivia must have memorized several of my chapters, because Calhoun is a walking example of how successful an owner can be with diligent training and quality time spent with the dog.  Calhoun obtained the AKC Good Citizen Award, among other awards, and is a certified therapy dog.  Yay, Calhoun & Olivia!

Thank you, ZENO FAMILY, for this great photo!
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