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Robert, Angela & Clifton
Hello, and welcome to my website. I'm Angela Roberts. I am blessed with a wonderful husband (Clifton) and a precious son (Robert). These two are the reason my heart beats in a steady rhythm!
Clifton & Angela

I "RETIRED" my Dog Bluff Bulldogges program after 20 years, and began concentrating on my BOOK project.  With almost every  "mini-thesis" I sent out to my adoptive families and fellow breeder friends regarding questions/situations they were having, I would hear the same question, "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WRITE A BOOK?"
When I think about the countless hours I've spent bringing puppies into this world, weaning pups from mamma dog to dog food, screening adoptive families for my 4-legged kids, medicating sick dogs, rushing to the vet at all hours of the night, monitoring sick or injured dogs 24/7, and many other duties, it's no surprise that sitting down to write my book was pretty easy!  It was time-consuming, but the information flowed from my experiences straight to my keyboard.
I have poured my heart into this book, mixed in some humor, and I'm very proud to present Raising Dogs With Common Sense.


There are many folks who helped to make one of my long-time dreams come true!
To my family & friends, thank you for your love, support, encouragement, and your willingness to check me for typo's!
I owe my adoptive families many thanks for your references and referrals!
To Clif and Robert, thank you for being patient with me and for being happy for me as I made it to each "next step."
To Kerry Wood and his team for getting my book professionally edited, published and printed, I will forever be humbled and amazed at your kindness. You have gone far beyond what I expected; God surely placed you in my life at just the right time.
Most importantly, I thank God for the blessings He has given me. Without Him, I would be nothing.

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