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I created this page for a little background on what makes my heart beat. First, I give God the credit for any and every success in my life. Without Him, I would be nothing. Next, I THANK GOD for my husband - my sweetheart, Clifton Hayes Roberts. On 5/22/1991 I met my soulmate. Clif and I have celebrated many years together; we consider our marriage to be one of the greatest gifts in this world. From day one, Clif has encouraged me to go after my dreams. One of those turned into "Dog Bluff Bulldogges" - a 20+ year project and passion of mine. Clif was 100% on board for the entire haul - and that included many long nights of bringing puppies into this world, then 8 more weeks of raising them to adoption age - and helping me "cope" as I would retire adults and adopt them out to forever homes. Boy, what a ride!

Year 2011 was a medically-challenging one for us, and I closed my bulldog program, taking a 10-year break. Within 2 months of closing my program, I had published "RAISING DOGS WITH COMMON SENSE," sharing with my readers all the wonderful things I had learned over the years. Some of those lessons were learned the hard way. Writing my book was truly a dream that became reality! It was fun for me, although it required many hours at my computer. THIS is where I get to thank my sweetheart AGAIN: Clif, for all the quality time that you willingly forfeited so that I could become an author... for allowing me to research up into the wee-hours of the night, for supporting me when I had doubts or questions, for LOVING me through every single day that we have been together, THANK YOU! Thank you for loving me, flaws and all! I'm so blessed.

Robert & Brittany
Luke & Mason

Our son, Robert, blessed us with his beautiful wife, Brittany... and they blessed us with two adorable boys, Mason & Lucas! When Robert was born, I prayed, "God, please let me live long enough to see this child go through school, so that I know he'll make it in this world." Robert graduated high school, went to college, found a career he loved... and so my prayer changed: "God, please let me live long enough to see Robert be married, and hopefully have children of his own." Again, God answered my prayer! Just when I thought that LOVE couldn't get any "bigger" than loving my husband and my sweet boy, along came a daughter-in-law to love as my very own, and GRANDBABIES! Oh, my, how special these little ones are! One of the sweetest sounds in this world is when I hear them call out, "Granny!" We are so proud of Robert & Brittany for putting God in the center of their family. As you might guess, I'm still praying!

- - - - - - - - - -

I am thrilled to offer my book to all dog owners and to anyone contemplating adoption. The chapters nearly wrote themselves! From decades of of planning litters, seeing them safely born, raising them (sometimes bottle-feeding from difficult circumstances), interviewing and screening adoptive families, countless trips to the vet's office to be sure everything was perfect, monitoring nutrition and fitness of adults and puppies alike... all the way to present day doing rescue adoption and placement now & then - the information flowed just as fast as I could type it. Then the organizing began! (Those who know me personally may now roll your eyes.)

I'm told that reading my book is just like having a conversation with me. Mission accomplished! My goal is to save you time, money and heartache, while raising a healthy, low-maintenance dog! I'm downright BLUNT when it comes to serious matters. I don't mess around when there are measures to be taken in order to save your dog's life. I've given every option possible in my book in hopes that it becomes an "owner's manual."

I love knowing that folks read my book BEFORE adopting, so that they are more prepared for the little surprises that are contained in the "Forward" of my book. Enjoy my humor, take note of my warnings, and please - do your own research. I am not a veterinarian, nor am I a vet-tech. But I do consider myself to be an expert when it comes to RAISING DOGS WITH COMMON SENSE!

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