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NUTRITION (Chapter 4)

Our PREFERRED dry kibble

I STAND FIRM on GLUTEN-FREE NUTRITION: preferably Fish-Based kibble, supplementing with meats and dark greens.

GLUTEN is a sticky protein which turns to yeast in the body. It can cause multiple skin issues, stinky ears and eye boogers. Gluten is one of the worst food additives ever made; it's like poison to humans AND animals. Gluten allergy symptoms include inflammation, stomach bloating, redness/itching/flaking of the skin, hair loss, poor digestion and other health problems.

In light of Nutrition Research since the publication of my book, I must advise my readers that "GRAIN-Free" may not be the answer for ALL dogs. Some grain-free foods have been linked to heart disease, so it is critical that you RESEARCH and read all reviews possible about your dog food of choice. Above all, PLEASE AVOID GLUTENS, WHEAT (also turns to yeast in the body) and CORN (not digestible in dogs) for the best overall nutrition. I encourage fish-based kibble for less chance of allergens.

I use RAW HAMBURGER MEAT for training time and especially for giving supplements. Raw meat works GREAT as a "pill pocket," contains no gluten, and is full of the right protein and fats for your dog. Remember, in the wild, dogs search for MEAT and chew on dark greens to aid digestion. TREATS are handy and fun to give, but I caution the use of them UNLESS they're all-natural, 100% MEAT. Anything man-made is artificial to the dog's system, and risks undoing your efforts to keep good nutrition a top priority.
>>> #1 Rule: No Glutens, No Wheat, No Corn. <<<


ALL DOGS CHEW, from puppyhood onward. Puppies chew to help shed their baby teeth. Adult dogs seem chew for entertainment! The SAFEST CHEWS are 100% Natural, preferably Elk Antlers. ANTLERS DO NOT SPLINTER and they LAST A LONG TIME!
If giving your dog a BONE, be sure it is NATURAL, preferably straight from your butcher shop, so it's not as likely to shatter/splinter. Chew bones should be BLUNT-ENDED, LARGER than your dog is able to carry around in his mouth. Please SUPERVISE bone chewing to avoid choking and intestinal blockage.

Our PREFERRED dry kibble

MaryAnn &

I have known and loved MaryAnn Janes since year 2000. She literally lives for the good of dogs, to the point of sleeping in her van when hotels will not allow her to take crated puppies in for the night. MaryAnn keeps her van CLEAN, with scheduled walk-&-feed stops, and passengers have water at all times. MaryAnn returns calls when she is done for the day or on a break-from driving: 740-236-0578. She has 4 vehicles on the road to bring your pup/dog home ASAP.

Robert Miranda, Puppy Flight Transporter
FLIGHT TRANSPORT by Robert Miranda: Your pup flies in the Passenger cabin and is normally home same-day. Robert is our trusted friend; we've never called on anyone else to fly our puppies. Robert exceeded breeder and puppy client expectations from the beginning. His top priority is the safety and well-being of your puppy, who never leaves Robert's sight. Robert is the ONLY person allowed touch your pup until you're holding your new baby bulldog!
Due to space and weight limits, FLIGHT TRANSPORT MUST BE ARRANGED WELL IN ADVANCE. Be sure Robert knows what program you are adopting from, as he only transports for certain breeders.

A Few Items from Chapters 3 & 9

CHLORHEXIDINE is a must-have item in our home. We use this gentle, medicated, NO-RINSE-REQUIRED bathing agent for weekly dip-baths. It's also EXCELLENT relief for insect bites, cleaning wounds, kennel/crate cleaning and more. Chlorhexidine has a very pleasant scent, does not burn, and is very affordable!
Dilute to PALE BLUE in warm water for bathing, and for storing in a spray bottle for easy access.



TRAINING Examples (Chapter 11)


Illustrated by our dogs,

Abby & Cindy 
1) "SPEAK"
Abby LOVES to "speak" and is thrilled to show off her talents.
 Cindy has several versions of "speak" but she hates my camera, so you'll only hear a few of her voices in this video.  Enjoy!
2) "BED"  Abby & Cindy (actually, all 4 of our dogs) learned the "bed" command before any other obedience training upon entering our home.  "Bed" is a simple, 1-syllable word that is easily taught by pointing to the dog's bed and repeating the command word until learned.  Our dogs can be anywhere in the house and when we say "bed," they immediately report to their pillow-bed at our front door.

All of our dogs love the water, but we don't "force" it on them - we allow them to investigate the water's edge for as long as they need to in order to be comfortable with it.
http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/RbdpfZeLnlA?rel=0 = probably my favorite video taken at our pond over the years... "Cindy" doesn't share very well.

http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/eqq-gdYsbyk?rel=0 = more pond fun, back in the day when I still had my bulldog program going.

And, sometimes, HOME-MADE toys work just as well, especially for Fetch-training!
http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/XUvSYQyqrBY?rel=0 = "Ziva" still enjoys fetching, anything from a tennis ball to a "homemade" toy is just fine.


Chapter 12 (HOUSETRAINING) in my book concentrates specifically on crate-training / small confinement. An alternate option for housetraining puppies and small-breed dogs is what I call the "Living Space" set-up.

"Living Space" puppy set-up

> IDEAL for Young Pups shy of all vet-recommended vaccines, Career folks without dog walkers,

> Restricted Grounds (high-rise apartments), and extreme Weather conditions

> SUPPLIES: X-Large Crate (Bedroom), Exercise Pen (Play Room, Spill-Proof Dining and separate Potty-Pad area), and your choice of bowls, pads and weights, if applicable
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