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Excellent for medicated baths - fresh, clean scent
Also used for prevention of dental disease, just ask the folks at Revival!

(Chapters 3, 8, 9, & 13)
We purchase CHLORHEXIDINE wash and several other supplies through www.revivalanimal.com .  Their customer service department is fantastic; they aim to please!
Chlorhexidine is EXCELLENT for washing puppies and adult dogs!  It serves as a medicated bath. 
I give easy-to-follow instructions in my book on bathing strategies, regardless of what product you use to bathe your dog.

Chapters 3 & 9
Magne-Derm / Magne-Gel = Transdermal Magnesium, works GREAT for arthritic dogs.  We use this on our elderly dogs who suffer from arthritis or muscle soreness.  Rub it on, wait for a few hours, then wipe it back off with warm water on a towel or even by pouring warm water over the areas used.  Easy application, easy removal of residue.  This stuff works like magic for humans, and our doctor suggested that we try it on the dogs!  What a miracle-in-a-bottle it is!
You may order this product online (Amazon is my favorite source for lower prices!)
PetTech = SAFETY & PREVENTION!  We have enabled caregivers to save the lives of thousands of pets that have been in emergency situations. It is rewarding and heart-warming to receive a card or letter from a pet-parent that saved their pet's life using the skills and techniques they learned through PetTech classes.  Take advantage of our unique instruction options to keep your pet as safe as possible.  Please visit our website for our contact information and details on our training programs:  http://www.pettech.net/index.php and call us at 760-930-0309. 
Paracord products:
My name is Frank Coolidge, owner of Rand Hill Paracord.  We specialize in making unique Dog Leashes, Collars, Leads and everything paracord.  Check us out at http://randhillparacord.weebly.com/lanyards-and-pet-items.html .
Spay-Neuter clinics are WONDERFUL for pet owners!

We support SPAY-NEUTER clinics!

We gladly drive an hour with our pets to reach “Pee Dee Snip” in Florence, SC for incredibly reasonable fees for spay & neuter surgeries.  Most of these facilities also offer immunizations while your pet is there!  It’s worth your research to find a clinic within driving distance of your home.  Clinics and shelters are always in need of soft bedding, laundry detergent, pet food and supplies, and more.  Thanks, in advance, for remembering these folks when you can donate to the cause!  Please take a few moments to view “SNIP” services at www.peedeesnip.org .



"Dakota's Den", by Caren Gittleman
I am pleased to refer my readers to these pet transporters.
I consider them to be my FRIENDS, and they're fantastic at what they do.
If you're looking to adopt a dog from across the map, please consider door-to-door service provided by one of my good friends below.  These wonderful people have made a career of transporting puppies and adult dogs from one home to another, delivering their "passengers" safe & sound, healthy & happy.  I've done business with each of these transporters, and I'm proud to list them on this page.
MaryAnn with her travel companion, "Molly"
Mary Ann Janes = “BUCKEYE TRANSPORT” www.buckeyekennel.com

Phone: 740-236-0578

Email: buckeyedoghaul@aol.com


Bill Timmons = “Pet 48, LLC”


Phone: 772-349-3349

Book Chapters 3, 4, 7, 9

We use and highly recommend NuVet nutritional supplements and vitamins.  We have seen AMAZING results from using NuVet Plus K-9 vitamins for dogs of all ages, and NuJoint Plus for our senior-citizen dogs. 

Call NuVet to receive expert advice on which products would be best for your pets.   www.nuvet.com  

1-800-474-7044.  Please mention my customer code for best pricing:   6 6 8 3 3 (Angela Roberts).
Angela, I would like to share my experience with NuVet Vitamins, discussed in Chapter 4 of your book (thanks for the easy-order info there).  After spending tons of money on tests to see why Queenie had a bald spot on her back, you told me about NuVet.  With my veterinarian’s blessing, I put Queenie and all of my dogs on NuVet.  Within 6 months, Queenie’s hair had grown back and her whole coat looked great.  I swear by these vitamins – they are truly a “miracle in a jar.”  My dogs LOVE them as daily treats!  NuVet does wonders for their skin, coat and overall health.  I signed up for auto-ship so that I never run out.  Thanks for the advice!     Connie (Goose Creek, SC)  w.ellis33@comcast.net

Please call between 10AM-8PM,
Eastern time:  843-340-5818

We promote SPAYING & NEUTERING of your pet.